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  • Basha Sacred Business Rich and Spiritual - Weeping Willow Boutique
  • Basha Sacred Business Rich and Spiritual - Weeping Willow Boutique
  • Basha Sacred Business Rich and Spiritual - Weeping Willow Boutique
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Basha Sacred Business Rich and Spiritual Bracelet

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Whether you work in sales or need to maintain your productivity at the maximum level of elevation, the sacred business energy will attract to you the best clients in a natural way; with no struggle, without stress and in a spontaneous manner, the energy that you pour into your business returns to you multiplied by the ciphers of sacred numerology. It sparks the universal motors of fluidity and business closures.

Sacred Business

Healing recipe: Dragon Vein, Onyx, Citrine, Prenhite, Silver 9.25

When a business or enterprise opens its doors, one of the major challenges it finds is that of attracting and then maintaining the loyalty of clients. Setting the basis for a solid, loyal clientele that becomes our main source of publicity by saying wonderful things about our products and services, it’s not is not achieved simply with a financial investment, no matter how generous it might be.


For your business to thrive, which will come through an increase of sales, you will need to have the energy of money looking and “smiling” at you.

How can you achieve this?

Syntonizing the vibrations of prosperity, success and money, in a single frequency. This is what the Sacred Business bracelet can do for you.

A business is as sacred as the wellbeing of your family and your own since that is where the earnings will come that will allow you to be the sustent and support of those you love. Be sure that your investment, both the monetary investment and that of your time and energy, land in the best possible port.

Attract towards you, without efforts and stress, the best clients for your enterprise. Become a salesperson that not only knows her products but also knows the people that need it. The key to success is found in the empathy and in the degree of closeness that you can achieve with those who, with full confidence in you, come to you for your advice on the best product to acquire for their needs.

This bracelet will allow you to meet those who will be, in the end,  responsible for money flowing to your business every month.

If you work in sales, or if you need to maintain your productivity at the highest level, this energy of success and prosperity will attract to you the best clients in a manner as natural as pollen attracts the laborious bees.

Get ready to tune in to prosperity and success! Relax, set aside all worries and anxiety, flow in the same direction with the universe, and by so doing you will open the channel to success and allow success and prosperity in your sales to manifest.

Citrine: Citrine is a very precious stone and in high demand in gem therapy because finding it is very difficult since it’s particularly scarce on the planet. It’s formed in throats of the Earth when the Amethyst reaches the highest temperatures. On the psychic plane, it sharpens the consciousness, induces good rest and attracts success like a magnet. When it comes in contact with the skin, it repels the somatization tendency of the body when fear grips the mind.

Prenhite: Manifests a significant increase in self confidence through an action as simple as if you carried with you a small ground tiller. At the same time you will benefit from the dissipation of your fears and insecurities, main executioners of personal advance. A peculiarity of the small ground tiller is the unclogging of all the events that had been postponed, whether by your own decision or because your energy had been stuck. Therefore, you get a sensation that a series of coincidences had been unleashed, when in reality there is nothing casual in those, what is happening is that your own destiny is flowing to meet up with you.

Dragon Veins Agate: This precious stone is a potent motivator. Often our business projects become stagnant because we don’t dare allow the bravery that is latent inside of us, come to the surface. It’s precisely to prevent that time from retaining you trapped in its fauces, that Earth gives you the dragon veins, the stone that pushes you to claim your own destiny.

Onyx:  Protect yourself from the bad energies and or the traps of your subconscious. Protect your health and take the route to prosperity, success and the plenitude of your body and spirit with the energy of this stone born in the volcanic rocks. Onyx improves your vision, but not only the vision that belongs in the physical realm, but also the vision that allows you to see beyond what your senses let you see. You will develop your perception, intuition and sixth sense, invaluable faculties to triumph in the world of sales and of business.