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Basha Jewelry

Basha Uplifting Health And Consciousness Bracelet Men

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Healing energy: This combination of  Health and Consciousness bracelet, comes from the healing powers of these elements: Copper (Health), Lapis Lazuli  (Inner truth, Inner power), Green Jade (attracts good health and good luck; apatite healthy eating), Clear quartz (master healer), Silver 9.25 energy transfer, from the healer and minerals.

A tiny tribute to the mystery of life and to the internal equilibrium of health.

Each of these stones and crystals has a very high luminous vibration for us humans. Therefore, the more you elevate your vibration the more satisfaction you will encounter in your existence because you will be more attuned with the fountain of energy with which you were born.

When we elevate our vibration, this process leads  us to meet like-minded people to carry out new projects friendship, affective relationships and as a result we become more satisfied and productive persons.

An exquisite combination to awaken from the lethargy and so that you can have the clarity of concentration to rescue the best of your feelings and kindness towards yourself, as well as with the people that cross your path.

Time to be reborn, time to carry our physical body and our aura to cross the portal. Time to reconnect with our spiritual home, and to elevate our vibrational energy.

This combination gives equilibrium if you have fears, anguish, insomnia, agitation and a low level of optimism. If you want to start learning more about your spirituality, practice Yoga, meditations or if you simply, are seeking a new awakening in your life.

All these stones and crystals are related to order, sutility, creativity, the spirit, innocence, satisfaction, and it’s language is love. Each human being has a “noise” in a vast universe. The sound must be high and positive to be well and fit in creation. Time to be happy.

Adjustable  8.2″-11″