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  • Basha Sex Appeal - Weeping Willow Boutique
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Basha Sex Appeal Bracelet

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Healing recipe: Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Garnet, Sterling Silver 9.25

Your sexual vortex is responsible for that intangible yet so powerful energy that is the sex appeal. Contrary to which much of the publicity would have you believe, your sexual attraction does not live in your beauty, or your curves, in the silkiness of your hair, nor in the clothes or make up you wear. Of course all these elements help, but just their presence alone, or even if all of them are present together, will not be enough to make you become a woman capable of awakening the eroticism and the passion of the opposite sex or in your sexual preference.

Sex appeal is a combination of your personality and your sexual energy. The personality is the fusion of your experiences, of the external stimulus that you receive from your surroundings, of your genetics and of your internal vibrations. Sexual energy, however, is born, grows, multiplies and begins to act in your sexual vortex.

Between the belly button and the pubis, is the location of the sexual chakra. At its center,  a vortex makes your sexual energy function and then in a spiraling movement it moves inside your being, however, with the particularity that it attracts like a magnet the attention and, of course, the sensuality and the masculine attention towards you.

Have you  ever been surprised that a certain woman, without really being attractive and without dedicating hours to her looks, catches the attention of many people? That woman has her sexual vortex as active as a real energetic centrifuge.

People connect on basis of their personal energy, not according to the packaging that is presented to us. Therefore, if you look at yourself in the mirror and you see a beautiful and interesting woman, but when you go out it’s as if you were invisible to the men that move around you, your sexual vortex is either broken or blocked.

Is there a way to fix that?

Of course there is! What’s more, you can awaken it in such a way that you will attract that special person.

When you awaken your sexual and erotic energy, your sensuality will start to speak for you.  Each step you take will be an invitation to approach you and on each pair of eyes where you land with your look you will be exercising your feminine powers.

Remember that sexual energy is a fusion of luminous elements.  Human beings are all energetic beings.  Our emotions unchain physical and chemical responses of different types.  But just as all of us don’t have the same energy to climb stairs or to think for eight hours, we don’t all have the same sexual energy.  The energy is built and is worked on by starting with unblocking the sacral power centers.

The questions are simple but they could change your life:

Do you want to be desired? And do you want to live your luminous sexuality?

Would you like to elevate and direct towards you, towards the special person your energy, the sexual energy?

The power to achieve it is in the energetic combination of three stones which, when acting together, detonate the alchemy of the genuine attraction.

The decision is yours/ This transforming power is possible thanks to the energetic ensemble of the turquoise, the Rose quarts and the Garnet, three stones which together are so much more than a triangle of sexual vibrations acting in your favor.

Bracelet is adjustable from 6.29” to 9.44”.

Properties of the stones of the sex appeal bracelet:

Rose Quartz: has the capacity to accumulate the sexual energy in one spot to direct it towards the correct recipients, because if there is something that will interest you very especially, it’s to pull towards your life the adequate persons to pour on them all your sensual flow and, simultaneously, to elevate your spirituality.

Turquoise: Oftentimes we cannot wake up the sexual and erotic vibrations in others because what happens is that our own sexual desire has diminished.  Be it for lack of internal motivation, for excess of stress or due to some damage to the sexual vortex, it’s possible that apathy could take control and appropriate that space in which the fire of desire used to reign before. Thanks to the turquoise, you can return that space to the energy that really should be who inhabits there.

Garnet:  In millenary times, the garnet was used as an aphrodisiac since it’s a stone that arouses intense feelings, fires up passion and exalts sex well lived.