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  • Basha Removal Of Obstacles Bracelet - Weeping Willow Boutique
  • Basha Removal Of Obstacles Bracelet - Weeping Willow Boutique
  • Basha Removal Of Obstacles Bracelet - Weeping Willow Boutique
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Basha Jewelry

Basha Removal Of Obstacles Bracelet

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Red Quartz, Olive Wood, Dragon Stone, Lava, Dragon Veins. 10mm size

Bracelet is adjustable: 6.6″-9.5″ Unisex

Spiritual protection bracelet, Removal of Obstacles is restorative combination which allows you to release and liberate that which is in your way that makes you doubt of reaching that for which you have worked so hard.

All sentient beings wish to complete that for which they work with great effort, but no matter how much they try, it remains out of their reach due to both external and internal obstacles and interference.

Jerusalem Olive Wood: Regardless of the conditions: cold, heat, dry, wet, rocky or sandy, the olive tree is always green and will thrive and produce fruit. In the same manner, people must overcome obstacles easily.

A combination of energy designed with the 2 crystals of the dragon that are more energetically influential and linked to earthly efforts, knowledge, wisdom and protection of property.

Spiritual protection bracelet is the healing current to eliminate obstacles from your path; to advance in the correct professional direction.

Crystal Dragon: This mineral sends vibrations to the root chakra and motivates you to keep forging ahead.

Dragon Veins crystal: it’s energy is constancy, patience and the malice of the Third Eye.

Lava: The energy of volcanic lava activates the vital energy and promotes the passion for the projects of life. It enhances personal creativity and strengthens perseverance to reach one’s goals. Ideal for entrepreneurs, athletes and leaders. Fire Energy of the coronary chakra.