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Basha Jewelry

Basha Protection of Good Fortune

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Healing Energy:

Each design is intended to empower the wearer with positive energy and to reflect the unique qualities of the person.

Mighty combination of this bracelet will stimulates your personal power of attraction and level of self confidence to connects the energy of good fortune.

This vibration stimulate creativity and promote inspired ideas to success.

The powerful connection of light and the regenerative power of the sun filters toxic energies and blocks stress energy known as electromagnetic fog or Hartmann lines.

This invokes aura cleansing linked to relief of joint pain, herpes improvement, and promotes higher levels of communication.

Stimulate your personal power of attraction and level of self-confidence!

Wear your healing bracelet and say aloud this affirmation:
”New and exciting opportunities are always coming my way.

Style: Amazonite (contentment, spirituality, healing, peace, happiness, love, intuition), Fluorite (stability, reasoning, concentration), Sunstone (cheerfulness, even temper, stamina, energy, self-confidence, positive attitude), Red Flower Agate (energy, protection, efficiency, financial prosperity), Hematite (dissolving negativity, balance, reason, optimism), Lodestone (magnetic energy),, 9.25 Silver (energy conductor)

Bracelet is adjustable: 6.6″-9.5″