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Basha Jewelry

Basha Prosperity of Lakshmi Bracelet

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Lakshmi is traditionally associated with four blessings: faith, hope, love, and luck.  With the serendipitous combination of faith and timing, you’ll find the luck you desire when you need it the most.

Let the prosperous vibrations created by this pattern guide you along your journey of discovering plenitude inside and out.

This unique handcrafted jewelry has been cleansed using ancient techniques and energized with a meditation to amplify the power and healing properties of the stones so it doesn’t need any extra cleansing.

The energy pattern of your body is completely unique as a finger print is; therefore, your bracelet must not be exchanged with anyone else.


Citrine, Nephrite Jade, Quartz, Healing Crystal, Fluorite, Red agate, Lodestone, Silver 9.25

Bracelet is adjustable: 6.6″-9.5″