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Basha Jewelry

Basha Money Attraction Bracelet

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Healing Energy: Unique healing crystals of Money Attraction bracelet will ensure your pockets will always be filled! This combination of elements is closely connected to the sacral center located below the navel and responsible for sexuality, kidneys, and the lower back. These gems have been synonymous with the attraction of abundance for hundreds of years.
Wear your healing bracelet and say aloud this affirmation:
“Money is a free flowing energy that keeps coming into my life.”

Style: Volcanic Lava Stone (vitality, strength),Tiger Eye (clarity, intelligence, intuition, financial stability, confidence, balance), Coraline (protection, joy, awareness, balancing of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual energies), Lodestone (magnetic force), 9.25 Silver (energy conductor)

Activation and Cleansing:
The cleansing process enhances the natural super power of the stones and helps each piece of jewelry communicate better with its future owner.

To keep in harmony with nature, your Basha jewelry needs to be energized before initial wearing and cleansed periodically.
Cleanse your bracelet in one of the following ways to keep the positive energy flowing: 1)Place your bracelet in a crystal clear glass of cool water and a pinch of sea salt for one minute. 2)Place your piece in the sunshine or full moonlight for one hour. 3)Rinse the stones in moving water for a few minutes. Whatever method you choose, remember that the intention is to personally energize and cleanse your bracelet.


The energy pattern of your body is completely unique as a finger print is; therefore, your bracelet must not be exchanged with anyone else.