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Basha Love, Fortune, and Health Bracelet

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Healing Energy: Love, Fortune, and Health bracelet has vibration levels of the crystals which help to attract ideal love and success, balance physical, mental, emotional health, and stimulate creativity to promote inspired ideas and solutions.

Emotional healing of the past will allow new possibilities, in both personal and business relationships. Related balance of endocrine glands protects the womb, ovaries, and breasts.

Clear your aura to remove negative attachments and become receptive to an ideal life!

Style: Clear White Quartz (power, energy, clarity, purification), Golden Swan Jasper (strength, security, protection, emotional stress relief), Phoenix Stone (communication, peace, stimulates forgiveness), Lodestone (magnetic energy), 9.25 Silver (energy conductor)

Bracelet is adjustable: 6.6″-9.5″

Wear it on your left wrist to welcome its energy. Each design is intended to empower the wearer with positive energy and to reflect the unique qualities of the person.