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Basha Jewelry

Basha Enlighten & Empower Bracelet

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Healing Energy: This bracelet is it made to balance emotions and it will work specifically with the crown chakra and throat chakra to promote a greater sense of worth and enthusiasm. Strengthens the nervous system, thyroid gland, breasts and heart. A wonderful energy combination for new inspiration and for promoting good luck in financial endeavors.

Ensure a strong balance of both enlightenment and empowerment in both professional and personal life!

Style: Amazonite (spiritual awareness, cleansing, healing, protection, peace, guidance, romantic spontaneity), Mottled Jasper (protection, luck, love, sexual gratification stimulation, good fortune), Agate (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energy, inspiration, strength, awakening talents), Spectrolite (strength, perseverance, intuition, self-esteem, imagination, anxiety relief), Crystal (intensifying energy, consciousness raising), Lava Stone (vitality, strength), 9.25 Silver (energy conductor)

Bracelet is adjustable: 6.6″-9.5″