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  • Basha Change Of Frequency Bracelet - Weeping Willow Boutique
  • Basha Change Of Frequency Bracelet - Weeping Willow Boutique
  • Basha Change Of Frequency Bracelet - Weeping Willow Boutique
  • Basha Change Of Frequency Bracelet - Weeping Willow Boutique
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Basha Jewelry

Basha Change Of Frequency Bracelet

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Close circles, complete cycles, close chapters, get closure, forgive, forget and open new channels.
Do feel like you have constantly been running in circles? Feel that you have suffered a disappointment and feel exhausted to face what lies ahead? Use this high frequency healing combination of the Change of Frequency bracelet to ingrain your power source and attune your root chakra responsible for giving stability to life. It’s always important to know when a life cycle ends, if you insist on remaining in it past the necessary time, you will lose the sense of the newly beginning cycle. Your existence is unique, don’t lose the connection of its life purpose.
In life, there is no playing with marked cards and one has to learn to lose and also to win.
One has to close chapters, to turn the page and live only what we have in the present.
Life lies ahead, never behind.
An exquisite combination of Sun Jade to empower health, the greatest treasure humans possess.
Marvelous Citrine: In antiquity, Citrine was believed to be the condensing of the consciousness of the great spiritual teachers that contains an inexhaustible reservoir of solar energy which is why it is attributed a great power of creative manifestation to reinvent oneself.
Onyx: A powerful stone with plenty of positive attributes. First, it is a grounding and centering stone. It will balance you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally
It’s always necessary to know when a life cycle ends. If you insist in remaining in it longer than it’s necessary, you will miss the sense of what comes next. Close circles, shut doors, close cycles; the important thing is being able to close them and to let go of the moments of life that won’t return and put an end to them.
Your job ended? Your relationship is no more? You no longer live in that house? You need to go on a trip? You can spend much of the time of your present wallowing on the Whys, replaying the hard disk over and over, trying to understand why things happened the way they did.
The wear and tear on you will be infinite because in life, you, me, your friend, your children, your brothers, everyone is destined to keep closing chapters, turning the page, ending cycles or moments in life that have not been good, and to keep moving forward.
We cannot be in the present if we are longing for the past. Or even asking ourselves why. Whatever happened, is part of our life, we need to let it go, one must be detached.
We cannot be eternally children, forever adolescents, or eternally company employees. Things happen and one has to let them go!
Bead size: 10mm
Size:  Adjustable  8.2″-11″