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Basha Jewelry

Basha Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Power Bracelet

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Ancestral symbols of feminine harmony: holistic health, internal power, tuning of the uterus, financial control and happiness.
Wear it on your right wrist to welcome its energy.
Ancestral symbols of feminine harmony and wisdom of power: Holistic health, internal power, tuning of the uterus, I’m in financial control and I’m happy.
The vibration of its gems and its symbolism purifies the feminine karma, erasing elements of past loves, promises, pledges and harmonizes the uterus erasing the energy of prior sexual partners.
This Ancient feminine wisdom of power bracelet contains the ancestral symbols of harmony.  The vibration of its gems purifies the feminine karma erasing past elements of love, failure, loss, plus harmonizing the uterus and doing the cleaning of sexual partners.
These energetic elements will help you to liberate the emotional energy embedded in the memory of the uterus and erase emotional and sentimental pacts that have previously been established with partners that no longer exist. (ghosts of the past, promises of eternal love).
As you purify and heal your feminine karma, you will reconnect with the power of your feminine lineage and as you fix in your emotional memory this powerful state, your life will begin a very surprising transformation- the state of your health will improve utilizing your own holistic energy and will also heal the relationship with your finances giving it an intuitive clarity.
The seeds of White Lotus or Dodhi will be used with the purpose of executing the four enlightened karmas or activities that attract light: to pacify (the obstacles on your way), to enrich (the potential for development), to fascinate (the beings to their awakening) and to destroy (the obscuring of knowledge).
Healing crystal. Boreal Crystal Palo Rosa known for its great positive energetic vibration connected at the base of the heart, the timus and the hara.
In the deepest part of the heart chakra there is a receptacle, a well of love that contains the sexual energy, the energy of life, the spiritual energy.
When this well lacks equilibrium, anxieties and fears spring forth. This crystal will help you to control fears and anxiety and will reinforce your thoughts to re-affirm your self-esteem.
Human beings cannot live without love and therefore, love together with empathy, solidarity, and respect for life, strengthen life in society. The act of loving, among other things, make possible the awakening and sharing of the most noble emotions and conduct in people.
Bead size: 10mm
Bracelet is adjustable: 6.6″-9.5″
Om mani padme hum: Agatas
Om mani padme hum:  (ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ)  words that in Sanskrit translate to “Oh, the jewel of Lotus!” is the mantra of Chenrezig, absolute truth of compassion and gratefulness. One cannot have success while being ungrateful.
It contains 3 important and essential mantras; each syllable refers to the six pãramitãs or transcendental virtues: generosity, ethics, patience, diligence, concentration and wisdom.
Jasper is considered a stone energetically disposed to attract a love, increase an existing love. As well as to make sentimental closures. It potentiates the capacity for organization, discipline and structure. Cleans the aura. Balances the individual with reality. A very special stone mentioned in the sacred scriptures Exodus.28:20;39:13.
Tourmaline has the vibration capacity of harmonizing the chakras or centers of powers to transmute and protect you from psychic attacks.
Hematite is the master stone of gem therapy with a powerful connection to the circulatory system of the body.  Since antiquity it has been utilized to provide positive energy in the body’s meridians. Ideal to improve perception for a positive attitude and empowers trust.  Helps in problems of the skin, allergies and cicatrizing. The Greeks knew it already as the stone for good luck.
Agathe Lotus Health, purification, compassion and good fortune.
To activate and infuse your bracelet with positive energy say aloud the following affirmation or decree:
 Today – I close my karmic cycle with Love
 I close my karmic cycle with Love
 I close my karmic cycle with Love (3 times)
 I am Violet Fire, I am Forgiveness, I am Release.- I give and receive blessings
 So it is, So it is and Done it is
 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you